Universal Test Machine

This machine simply utilizes a roller screw linear actuator to apply loads and position with a high level of accuracy. The actuator is mounted to a unique system of linear bearings which allow vertical, horizontal, and diagonal motion. This is our most versatile machine and will quickly become an indispensable part of your laboratory.

BIFMA Back Durability Machine

This machine utilizes a length of #40 chain “pinned” to a sprocket. The sprocket is attached to a precision gear reducer, that is driven with a servo motor. The chain is then routed through an OSHA compliant adjustable guard to adapt to a horizontal pull. The end of the chain comes equipped with a load cell for sensing the tension force applied, and thus closing the control loop.

Swivel Test Machine

This is a relatively simple, and very easy to operate machine for performing the BIFMA Swivel Test. The circular plate that the chair rests on may be swiveled at a variable speed to a user defined rotation interval. This is a must-have for any lab that needs to test swivel chairs.

Seating Durability Test Machine

This machine represents a culmination of many years of development in improving the repeat-ability of the Seating Durability test. A servo powered belt drive moves the gripper assembly up and down to acquire, lift and drop the bag lifting assembly with a high level of accuracy. The key to this machine is the load cell attached to the lifting shaft. This load cell actually “weighs the bag” each time it lifts the assembly. When the full weight of the bag is reached, the servo mechanism drives the entire assembly to the correct drop height and releases the bag. Only the bag impacts the chair as the lifting rod, ring, and load cell are decelerated by a gas spring.

High Speed Universal Machine

Intelligent Base Testing Machine

This machine has the ability to perform many different types of heavy force compression and tension tests. The BIFMA Base Test is the test that this machine really excels at. The machine will perform both of the compression loading cycles without any human interaction. This machine is also capable of up to 4,000 lbs of force for performing the Base Test at higher than BIFMA levels.

Caster Durability Machine

This machine is designed to be mounted to the floor and used in conjunction with large steel plates included in this proposal. Adding Fixtures can enable this machine to cycle either a 5-blade base, or a four leg chair.

Multi-task Furniture Test Machine

This machine comes equipped with six unique roller screw linear actuators to apply loads and position with a high level of accuracy. Each actuator is mounted to a system of linear bearings which allow vertical, horizontal, and applications of loads at angles. The six actuators can be electronically linked to create a single six actuator articulated test, six individual tests, or almost any combination required.

BIFMA Dual Arm Duarability Test Machine

This machine can be used to perform both loading and positioning with both actuators together, or with each actuator independently. Each actuator comes equipped with a servo driven roller screw, which drives a load applicator. A load cell at the end of each load applicator closes the loading control loop and also monitors for overload conditions during position cycle tests. Each actuator is mounted to pillow block bearings inside of the actuator frame to allow for angular rotation as required by the BIFMA Arm Durability test. The actuators may also be locked in place to facilitate other types of tests. This opens up many possibilities for both BIFMA and your own proprietary testing standards.