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ANSI/BIFMA X5.5-2014 Desk/Table Products - Tests

ANSI/BIFMA X5.5 provides a common basis for evaluating the safety, durability and structural performance, including reasonably foreseeable misuse, of desk/table products intended for use in commercial office and related institutional environments. It provides test methods and performance requirements for desk/table products.

ANSI/BIFMA X5.5 includes the following tests:

4.2 Stability with Extendible Elements Open Test
4.3 Stability Under Vertical Load Test
4.4 Horizontal Stability Test for Desk/Tables with Casters
4.5 Stability Test for Keyboard/Laptop Tables (with and without casters)
4.6 Force Stability Test for Tall Desk/Table Products
5.2 Concentrated Functional Load Test
5.3 Distributed Functional Load Test
5.4 Concentrated Proof Load Test
5.5 Distributed Proof Load Test
5.6 Transaction Surface Torsion Load Test
Extendible Element Static Load Test
Benching Systems - Distributed  Functional Load and Stability Test
Benching Systems - Distributed Proof Load Test
6 Top Load Ease Cycle Test
7 Desk/Table Unit Drop Test
8 Leg Strength Test
9 Disengagement Test for Tall Desk/Table Products
10.2 Cycle Test for Extendible Elements Deeper than Wide
10.3 Cycle Test for Extendible Elements Wider than Deep
10.4 Cycle Test for Center/Pencil Drawers
11 Extendible Element Retention Impact and Durability Test
12 Extendible Element Rebound Test
13 Interlock Strength Test
14.2 Force Test for Extendible Element Locks
14.3 Force Test for Door Locks
14.4 Locking Mechanism Cycle Test
15 Work Surface Vertical Adjustment Test
16 Keyboard Support and Input Device Support Adjustment Tests
17.10 Slam Closed Test for Vertically Hinged and Vertically Receding Doors
17.11 Drop Cycle Test for Horizontally Hinged and Horizontally Receding Doors
17.12 Slam Test for Doors that Free Fall Open or Closed
17.13 Slam Open and Closed Test for Doors That Do Not Free Fall
17.14 Door Latch Test
17.2 Strength Test for Vertically-Hinged Doors, Bi-fold Doors, and Vertically Receding Doors
17.3 Hinge Override Test for Vertically-Hinged Doors
17.4 Vertically Receding Doors Strength Test
17.5 Horizontal Receding Door Strength Test
17.6 Wear and Fatigue Test for Hinged, Horizontal Sliding, and Tambour Doors
17.7 Wear and Fatigue Test for Vertical Receding Doors
17.8 Wear and Fatigue Test for Horizontal Receding Doors
17.9 Vertical and Horizontal Receding Door Out Stop Test - Cyclic Impact Durability
18 Durability Test for Desks and Table with Casters
19 Pull Force Test
20 Tilting Top Table - Cycle Test
21 Tilting Top Table - Latch Strength Test
22 Monitor Arm Strength Test
23 Monitor Arm Cyclic Test
24 Monitor Arm Dislodgement Test

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