Acing the Test Report: Test Report Standardization and Transparency

On October 29, 2015, UL, BIFMA, and the GSA conducted a presentation titled, Acing the Test Report: Test Report Standardization and Transparency, at NeoCon East in Philadelphia. Stefania Crum of GSA, Dave Panning of BIFMA, and Doug Woodard of UL discussed how variations in testing, reports, and product names present specifiers with challenges to ensure products have met GSA requirements. Are there specific GSA requirements that help unify the testing process? Stevie Crum, Commodity Service Specialist for GSA, indicated several requirements during the NeoCon presentation that can help establish GSA acceptance and simplify the test report process.

GSA Tips for Acceptance:

  • GSA Requires ISO 17025 accreditation for all test labs
  • GSA looks for a standardized cover sheet with 1 – 2 pages that itemize test results
  • GSA recommends the BIFMA test report format guidelines

For more details on GSA’s ISO 17025 Accreditation requirement and their cover sheet suggestions, please refer to the NeoCon East presentation linked above, or contact us at FurnitureNA@ul.com or call (616) 928-0791.

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