An Interesting Project with Stabiloc

This past month we have had the pleasure of testing a product outside of the furniture industry. For those of you who know us, you know we are extremely dedicated to testing furniture, so anything else we test is news.
Stabiloc came to us with their product Swiveloc to be tested under some pretty hefty forces. Swiveloc is a manhole cover restraint system. It’s purpose is to protect against theft, vandalism, unauthorized entry and build up of explosive gasses. We ran several cycle tests on the device itself, testing it’s ability to withhold 500lbs. of upward force for over 15,000 cycles. The device performed with flying colors! We want to thank Dave for giving us the opportunity to test such a unique device. I highly suggest going to their website and watching the video of the Swiveloc in action. http://www.stabiloc.com/products/swiveloc/