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2020 Furniture Industry Summit

UL’s 2020 Furniture Industry Summit gathered industry experts and keynote speakers who shared and discussed the latest updates on international standards and regulations, current issues, and market trends for the office furniture industry. The 2020 Furniture Industry Summit contents are now available for download. Access the content. [...]

Furnishings Focus Newsletter 2020 Issue 3

Furnishings Focus Newsletter 2020 Issue 3 Welcome to Furnishings Focus! This last issue for 2020 includes a selection of useful resources and insightful content. Thank you for your ongoing interest in our newsletter. See you with more and exciting insights in 2021. [...]

UL Provides Testing to Support Furniture Manufacturers’ Value Engineering Processes

Optimize value engineering processes through UL’s testing. What is value engineering and what does that mean to furniture manufacturers? UL’s global network of laboratories provides a variety of performance testing to support the manufacturer’s value engineering processes. Value engineering focuses on evaluating products to verify acceptable performance at the minimum possible cost. [...]

ISO 24496 Chair Measurement Device and Training

Achieve precise and efficient measurement of office chairs to meet international standard ISO 24496. Since 2013, stakeholders and industry experts have worked to develop a harmonized Chair Measurement Device (CMD) that can be used to measure ergonomic performance of office chairs. The result of this effort is ISO 24496, Office furniture — Office chairs — Methods for the determination of dimensions, a standard designed to measure and understand office chair performance in a variety of usage scenarios and, for the first time, address US and European standards. [...]

Modernizing Individual Commercial Office Furnishings Safety Requirements

Office furnishings have undergone many innovations. UL has helped develop new requirements to keep up with this wave of innovation the result of which is a single streamlined standard with modernized requirements, UL 2999. UL has helped developing standards that have been the industry benchmark for office furnishings for more than 40 years. [...]

Proactive Planning Simplifies the Furniture Certification

Planning early for product certification allows you to make decisions on design considerations and helps speed the time required to start the process. As you develop a new piece of furniture or furniture concept, thinking early about product certification allows you to decide on design considerations and make your testing and certification process easier. Early in the process, you may choose to outline a set of requirements that includes the regulatory requirements applicable to your product once developed. [...]

Furniture Test Equipment Upgrade Option Provides Path to Greater ROI

Discover how UL helps manufacturers make the most of their investments in furniture testing equipment with an upgrade option that extends the life and usefulness of equipment. For furniture manufacturers that have invested significant capital in equipment to test their products’ quality, safety and performance, it’s important to make the most of their investment. While many of these devices continue to adequately evaluate new furnishings through the simulated application of force, pressure and other real-world use conditions, the newest versions of furniture testing devices offer intuitive user interfaces and streamlined connectivity that legacy versions lack. [...]