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Find everything you need to know about furniture testing right here. UL is closely connected with the furniture industry and latest developments with test standards and requirements.


2020 Furniture Industry Summit

UL’s 2020 Furniture Industry Summit gathered industry experts and keynote speakers who shared and discussed the latest updates on international standards and regulations, current issues, and market trends for the office furniture industry. The 2020 Furniture Industry Summit contents are now available for download. Access the content. [...]

UL Provides Testing to Support Furniture Manufacturers’ Value Engineering Processes

Optimize value engineering processes through UL’s testing. What is value engineering and what does that mean to furniture manufacturers? UL’s global network of laboratories provides a variety of performance testing to support the manufacturer’s value engineering processes. Value engineering focuses on evaluating products to verify acceptable performance at the minimum possible cost. [...]

UL Webinar: Managing the Risks Associated with Point of Sale and Retail Fixtures

Join UL for a webinar on December 16th at 2:00pm EST, on the risks associated with commercial displays and point of sale items (POS), and how to avoid them. Commercial displays and point of sale items are important ways to market products, but as a retailer, you don't always know if the displays are safe for the thousands of customers and employees walking by them each day. With displays changing every 6-9 months, retailers must be sure they are designed to avoid fire, electrical risks and other hazards. [...]