Environmental Testing

We are excited to announce we are adding more services! We have recently acquired the capabilities to conduct environmental testing!

We will have one environmental chamber in our Jasper lab for larger projects. Chamber is 32 cubic feet in size. This chamber has temperature and humidity control that range from -30 F to 375 F and humidity from 10 percent to 98 percent. For questions or quotes for the Jasper location please contact Brian Truelove at 812-556-5094.

For our Holland location we will have two different size chambers. The smaller chamber is 3 cubic feet and the temperature ranges from -94 F to 375 F. The larger chamber is 54 cubic feet.  For questions and quotes for the Holland location please contact Doug at 616-928-0791.

Below are the some of the tests we are capable of performing with these chambers.

1. KCMA Required Environmental tests

2. ASTM D1183 Adhesive Age Testing

3. UL Mold Stress test

4. Heat Age testing

5. Proprietary Environmental tests

6. Any custom test to meet your needs

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