Five Years of Waste Diversion at the Phoenix Open

2017 marks the fifth year that UL Environment has partnered with Waste Management to validate the Waste Management Phoenix Open (WMPO) waste diversion activities. The WMPO, which is the largest PGA event with over 500,000 attending over seven days, takes place January 30 – February 5.

In 2013, when UL Environment first validated the Waste Management Phoenix Open (WMPO), it was a milestone for waste diversion at events and especially so for an event the size of the WMPO. WMPO has replaced all 6,000 trash cans normally used with recycling and compost bins. There are no trash bins used on the course. In 2016, more than 525 tons of waste was diverted, 46% recycled, 38% composted, 10% waste to energy and 6% diverted through donation.

Waste Management tapped into Bill Hoffman, PhD and a Senior Scientist at UL Environment to record informative sound bites on the benefits of Zero Waste for the Phoenix Open. Making an event like this doesn’t happen without considerable effort and planning beforehand, and UL Environment is pleased to be part of this important sustainability endeavor.