Furniture & Mattress Flammability Testing

As part of UL, Advanced Furniture Testing now offers comprehensive flammability testing for mattresses, bedding, fabrics and upholstered furnishings, conducted in accordance with nationally recognized standards and regulations.

Test methods for flammability testing, include reaction to heat, small flame, radiance plates and cigarette and match tests.

UL can test to nationally and internationally recognized test protocol and standards, including:

Furniture Flammability Standards

  • California TB 133: Flammability Testing of Public Seating
  • California TB 116: Flame Retardance of Upholstered Furniture
  • TB 117 2013: Flame Retardance of Resilient Filling Materials Used in Upholstered Furniture


Mattress Testing Standards

• Federal Standard 16 CFR 1632: Resistance of a Mattress or Mattress Pad to Combustion Which May Result from a Smoldering Cigarette

• Federal Standard 16 CFR 1633, Standard for the Flammability (Open Flame) of Mattress Sets

$          ·   BFD IX-11, Boston Fire Department Mattress Fire Test

• CAL TB 129: Flammability Test Procedure for Mattresses for Use in Public Buildings

• CAL TB 603: Residential Mattress/Box Spring Set to a Large Open-Flame (pre-empted by 16 CFR 1633 in July 2007)

• ASTM E1590, Standard Test Method for Fire Testing of Mattresses

• EN 597, Furniture, Assessment of the ignitability of mattresses and upholstered bed bases

• Italian D.M. 26/06/1984, Reaction to Fire Classification and Fire Prevention Homologation of Materials (UNI 9175-CLASS 1.IM)

• NFPA 701, Standard Methods of Fire Tests for Flame Propagation of Textiles and Films

• UFAC, Filling/Padding Component Test Method: Part A – For Slab or Garneted Materials


If you have any questions about flammability testing, please call us at (616) 217-1323 or email us at FurnitureNA@ul.com.


Ensuring Ongoing Compliance

UL works with manufacturers to verify that ongoing production consistently meets compliance requirements through UL’s follow-up services, which audit component suppliers a minimum of four times per year. Additionally, UL’s recognized component program helps mattress component suppliers demonstrate consistency in the products they provide to customers.