Get a Grip: Determining Screw and Fastener Strength

There are many charts and general engineering guides to help you determine the holding force for a given fastener and a given material.  Although useful, these charts can’t predict how the fastener and material will respond to your specific tooling and assembly techniques.  The infallible way that this can be determined is through several quick tests.

We conduct tests that can provide data for your engineering staff to ensure the products will meet your requirements.  This can result in better product design, safety and cost efficiency from the start. Strength testing can help determine:

  • The optimal screw/driver tool combination and setting that will give you the most consistent holding power in a given application
  • The strength of a particular joint in a specific substrate and application

Testing is the only way to be certain that your process is optimized and arms you with real data to back up your claims. Contact us today to find out more about the specific tests that can benefit you.