REACHAcross™: Software That Reduces the Need for Animal Testing to Meet REACH Deadlines

UL Environment introduces REACHAcross™ software, an innovative prediction tool that builds large networks of chemicals based on properties such as molecular structure and health-endpoint interactions. This pioneering tool uses machine learning techniques to predict the endpoint behavior of any chemical of interest for REACH compliance. It provides the ease of use of QSARs with the accuracy of read-across to help companies meet chemical regulations and reduce the need for animal testing.

This software is specifically designed to help companies meet REACH 2018 registration deadlines, which requires that companies register chemicals that manufacture or import in volumes of 1 to 100 tons per year. Typically, companies conduct animal testing to fulfill the registration data requirements, which is time-intensive, costly and can pose ethical dilemmas. UL’s tool eliminates the need for animal testing and can provide accurate data to multiple endpoints in minutes.

UL REACHAcross was developed in collaboration with Thomas Hartung, MD, PhD, the Doerenkamp-Zbinden Professor and Chair for Evidence-based Toxicology at the John’s Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health and Thomas Luechtefeld, a PhD student, and UL’s team of scientists and toxicologists.

UL will officially unveil the REACHAcross platform at booth #615 at the Society of Toxicologists Annual Meeting, March 13-15 in Baltimore. Learn more by visiting If you are at the show, please attend our Exhibitor Hosted Session Monday, March at 9 am in room 339.