ANSI/BIFMA X5.9-2012 Storage Units - Tests

ANSI/BIFMA X5.9 is intended to provide a common basis for evaluating the safety, durability and structural performance of storage units. It provides test methods and performance requirements for freestanding, mobile, and wall-mounted storage units. Vertical files shall only be tested under X5.3 Vertical Files – Tests.

*Our UL Laboratory in Cabiate, Italy is an IKEA approved testing lab and able to perform additional Storage Unit tests. Refer to our IKEA Testing page for more details.

ANSI/BIFMA X5.9 includes the following tests:

  • Functional Load Test
  • Proof Load test
  • Leg/Glide Assembly Strength Test
  • Racking Resistance Test
  • Top Load Ease Test
  • Drop Test - Dynamic for Units with Seat Surfaces
  • Durability Test for Units with Seating Surfaces
  • Separation Test for Tall Storage Units with Vertically Attached Stackable Components
  • Upward Force Disengagement Test for Storage Units
  • Upward Force Static Disengagement Test for Storage Units
  • Horizontal Force Stability for Tall Storage Units
  • Stability Test - Type I Units with at Least One Extendible Element
  • Stability Test - Type I Storage Units with Multiple Extendible Elements
  • Stability Test for Type II Storage Units Having Extendible Elements
  • Vertical Force Stability Test for Units
  • Storage Unit Drop Test
  • Movement Durability Test for Mobile Storage Units
  • Rebound Test
  • Extendible Element Retention Impact and Durability (Out Stop) Test
  • Force Test for Extendible Element Locks
  • Force Test for Door Locks
  • Locking Mechanism Cycle Test
  • Cycle Test for Extendible Elements Deeper than Wide
  • Cycle Test for Extendible Elements Wider Than Deep
  • Horizontal Cycle Test for Television/Video Display Terminal Extendible Elements
  • Cycle Test for Low Height Drawers
  • Interlock Strength Test
  • Strength For Vertically Hinged Doors
  • Hinge Override Test
  • Vertical Receding Door Strength Test
  • Horizontal Receding Door Strength Test
  • Wear and Fatigue Test
  • Wear and Fatigue Test for Vertical Receding Door
  • Wear and Fatigue Test for Horizontal Receding Door
  • Vertical and Horizontal Receding Door Out Stop Test - Cyclic Impact
  • Slam Closed Test for Vertically Hinged and Receding Doors
  • Drop Test for Horizontally Hinged and Receding Doors
  • Slam Test for Doors that Free Fall Open or Closed
  • Slam Open and Closed Test for Doors Which do Not Free Fall
  • Door Latch Test
  • Clothes Rails Static Loading Test
  • Swivel Test for Television/Video Display Terminal Surfaces
  • Pull Force Test

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