UL and Wilger Testing Co., Inc. Join Efforts to Provide Safety Testing and Certification

The demand for safety evaluation and certification of commercial displays, point-of-sale items and motorized desks and other furnishings has significantly increased over the past several years. As local authorities and municipalities increasingly require manufacturers and retailers to obtain safety certification for these products used in public buildings, UL has involved strategic partners to meet the demand.

UL has engaged Wilger Testing Co., Inc., a UL-preferred partner in lighting, to facilitate product evaluation process. Wilger is an independent, ANAB-accredited test laboratory, based in Sarasota, FL. They have a reputation for providing excellent customer service and professional services for their technical partners. This collaboration will expedite turnaround times for manufacturers of household furnishings, commercial displays and other products seeking UL certification and testing.

One of the more recent needs for safety certification comes from the popularity of Sit and Stand Motorized Work Stations. In fact, this year the city of Chicago Department of Buildings released a memorandum stating that sit/stand work stations with electric motors no longer require a variance if labeled as an assembly by a Nationally Recognized Test Laboratory (such as certification to UL 962: Standard for Safety of Household and Commercial Furniture, and meet plug and cord conditions outlined in the memo.)  UL has seen an increase in requests for this certification.

UL 962 is the premier North American Standard for household and commercial furnishings, and verifies that products meet electrical, flammability and personal injury safety requirements.

Additionally, retailers and local inspectors are requesting that commercial display products, such as retail fixtures and point of sale displays, be certified to UL 962 to avoid potential risk of fire or other safety issues. By seeking certification to UL 962 prior to installation, manufacturers can help avoid the hassle of delays in store openings.

With Wilger Testing Co., Inc. adding their expertise to UL’s Global Furniture Team, we’ll continue to meet the needs of our customers seeking safety certification for sit/stand work stations, commercial displays and other household and commercial furnishings. Contact us to learn more: furniturena@ul.com or 844.221.5689.