UL Expands the UL Mark to Europe for Furniture and Bedding

Customers Can Test Furniture and Bedding for the UL Mark in UL’s Laboratory in Cabiate, Italy.

Customers can now submit products for testing and certification to our Furniture Laboratory in Cabiate, Italy, which has been qualified to perform the UL Mark for furniture according to the following standards: UL-962 (Household and Commercial Furnishing), UL-65 (Wired Cabinets), and UL-1286 (Office Furnishings).  The lab is approved to test for both powered and non-powered furniture.

This qualification allows us to provide this service in addition to our conventional safety and performance testing according to European standards for furniture and BIFMA standards. Other advanced services that our Cabiate Lab offers are durability tests for furniture components that have complex movements (using a special collaborative robot arm) and 3D scanning of complete furniture pieces down to small scale models.  These new capabilities and equipment will expand the service and speed available to manufacturers and suppliers in the European market.

If you have any further questions specific to our offerings in Italy,
please email or call +39.031.769271.