UL Hosts Three Zero Waste to Landfill Conferences in Asia

UL recently hosted a series of half-day seminars, “The Journey to Zero Waste”, in Taipei, Shanghai and Guangzhou, focusing on waste reduction and how companies can work towards a more sustainable business and world. These seminars, which drew more than 150 attendees, were held on October 18, 21 and 26, 2016 were part of an inaugural conference which included topics such as:

  • UL’s Environmental Claim Validation Protocol (ECVP) 2799, Zero Waste to Landfill, the world’s first standard to define, manage and measure discarded material transported off-site as waste
  • Governmental understanding of Zero Waste
  • Technical update for waste disposal and risk control

Waste reduction and diversion programs are quickly being adopted by companies across the globe to achieve sustainability goals and realize business benefits. Leading companies such as Apple have achieved compliance with UL ECVP 2799 for all 14 of their final assembly sites in China, and other multinational companies in the retail, manufacturing and chemical sectors are working with UL to achieve this certification.

Companies participating in these sessions discussed their own waste diversion processes and experiences, and agencies such as the Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau and Jiangnan University shared their best practices.

While achieving Zero Waste can be challenging for businesses, understanding that it’s a journey and engaging the right partners along the way makes developing and measuring waste diversion goals obtainable. These half day sessions conducted by UL subject matter experts and related industry representatives successfully demonstrated that UL can help other businesses who wish to monitor, measure and validate waste management and diversion to achieve their Zero Waste goals. Interested in learning more? Contact us today at