UL Safety Component Acceptance Program: Certifying Furniture End Products is NOW Easier than Ever

UL wants to share some exciting news on how we are evolving and transforming our processes to meet our customers’ needs.

Today UL will accept components certified by other certification organizations in your furnishings & retail displays for our safety standards (some additional evaluation in the end product is required).

UL has over 120 years of evaluating products for safety and it is important to our customers and us that we maintain our high level of integrity and quality. This new process allows us to maintain this level of integrity and quality.

Using UL certified components will remain the easiest, fastest and most convenient path to certification.

At the same time, we recognize that, in some situations, where components are already certified by other organizations the acceptance process for such components has been extremely difficult. This new program enables you, when valuable for your project, to use non-UL certified components and take advantage of:

  • More flexible certification process
  • Reduced time-to-market
  • Cost optimization

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