Unsolved Mysteries of the Testing Lab

Furniture manufacturers sometimes find inconsistencies among products that they can’t explain, and these are often discovered when products fail durability tests.  Determining the cause of the failures can reveal differences in the product, components or assembly.

A great example of this is a company that was experiencing failures of some products that were manufactured at different plants and wanted to discover why. After some investigation, they discovered that each plant was using a different glue to assemble items in a product line.To determine which glues they should use going forward, they conducted testing of each of the different glues and substrates, and gave each glue vendor a chance to improve their product. At the end of the test it was determined that only two glues were needed for all product lines. This benefitted the organization in several ways:

  • The company had thousands of dollars in material savings and reduced material cost by consolidating and centralizing the glue purchase and distribution.
  • Using only two glues also ensured proper turnaround time and use of material within its shelf life, so product didn’t go to waste.
  • Glue-related field issues were drastically reduced and uniformity between production facilities was greatly improved.

Testing played a key role in determining which glue was best. While the testing was a small upfront cost, it saved the company money by reducing the need for repeated product testing due to failures, reducing product failures in the field, and cost saving by consolidating glue purchasing.Do you have unexplained product failures and inconsistencies? Call us today to help you launch an investigation into the cause.By Brian Truelove